Looking across James Court to

477B Lawnmarket

Door at the Back of Gladstone's Land

Photo 1

James' Court, off Lawnmarket, Edinburgh

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA

Photo 2

James Court, Edinburgh


Photo 3

James Court, Edinburgh

Richard Torrance, Edinburgh


Photo 3

Commenting on his Photo 3, Richard Torrance writes:

"The tree in my photo has obscured the tablets above the doors, but they are still there. You can just make out the fancy border under the bay window of Lady Stairs House.  The curve of the metal fence is the same. etc. etc."

Richard Torrance:  September 4, 2010



Where is Photo 1?

I've reproduced all 3 images above on this page, to make comparison easier.

1  =  Photo by Al Lorentzen, taken 1970s:         Where is it?

2  =  Photo by Benzyl, taken around 2010:        Lady Stair's House

3  =  Photo by Richard Torrance, taken 2010:   Lady Stair's House

Please email me if you have any views on this subject.

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs:  September 7, 2010


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