Leith Street Terrace

Cockburn & Co


Around 1914-18

Cockburn & Co Restaurant, Leith Street  -  around 1914-18

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bob Cockburn


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   Cockburn & Co Restaurant, Leith Street, Edinburgh  -  Around 1914-18


Cockburn & Co  -  Restaurant

Thank you to Bob Cockburn for sending me the photograph above.

Bob wrote

Leith Terrace

"This photograph was taken at my grandfathers restaurant in Leith Street, probably around 1914-1918.

The site is now the St. James Centre, previously 'Burtons the Tailor'.  Prior to that, it was the restaurant.

It was at the end of Leith Street Terrace and almost opposite 'Fairlies'.

Leith Street  -  before the building of the King James Hotel and the St James Shopping Centre

The building was shored up for a few years before being demolished for the Burtons re-development."

Grandfather and Others

"My grandfather is the dour old (55) gentleman in the centre.  My father and mother are in the picture along with aunt and uncles.

I wonder if there is anyone out there that has a old relative in this picture."

Bob Cockburn:  April 10, 2007


Leith Street

Around Edinburgh