Madeira Street


Fish and Chip Shop

At the corner of Madeira Street and Prince Regent Street

Britannia Quay, new appartments near the Ocean Terminal entrance to Leith Docks

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joyce Garden (née Ward), Kelty, Fife, Scotland                               Photo taken:  early 1960s




Joyce Gardner (née Ward)

Kelty, Fife, Scotland

Thank you to Joyce Gardner (née Ward) for sending me the photograph above.

Joyce wrote:

Car at Madeira Street

"I came across this photo of my mum and sister, sadly both passed away now.  They are at the door of their fish and chip shop at the corner of Madeira Street and Prince Regent Street.  This was their first car."

Fish & Chip Shop

"Our family had the fish and chip shop for a couple of years, then sold it on to the Croallas around 1962/64.  This was when we sold:

-  fish suppers for 1s 8d  (8p in 'new money')

-  chicken in batter suppers for 3s 3d  (16p in 'new money')

We called our chip shop 'The two Js' as I was Joyce and my sister was June.

Dad was Head Janitor at Edinburgh Art College at Lauriston.  When the shop became too busy for us two, he had to come in full-time to keep us up to speed with chipping and peeling.  We used to turn over around £200 a night in those days, which was a lot of chips.  Happy days.

We had our juice deliveries from Dunbar's and jars, pickles and pies from Blackie's.

We used beef dripping to cook with.  That's why they were so good.  We also had a product known as 'Fish Friers' Friend'.  This was the batter mix.  You just added water to it.  Great!

We lived in Pitt Street, Leith.  There was another chippie in the district.  It was Deponio;  and Welsh the fishmonger was at the bottom of Prince Regent Street."


"We had a great wee business and had a great clientele, with loads of laughs.  We had a load of customers from the Forth Flats and all around.  We called our customers by what their usual order was:

-  'two single haggis and a fish' or

-  'black pudding, no batter'

-  etc."

Joyce Gardner (née Ward), Kelty, Fife, Scotland:  November 4, 2010




Joyce Gardner (née Ward)

Kelty, Fife, Scotland

Joyce Gardner added:

The Car

The corner of Madeira Street and Prince Regent Street, Leith ©

"The car in this photo was a Vauxhall Cresta.  It was dad's car.  I learned to drive on it.  Once I had learnt to drive, I claimed it and he bought a Morris Traveller and a Mini-van.

If I could  only get that car back now, or even find out what happened to the distinctive number plate, I would be at peace. It was treasured:

-  column steering

-  full front hide leather seat

-  whitewall tyres

The best drive of your life!  I kept the car immaculate  -  but we move on and I think, sadly, she ended as scrap.

1965 Photo

That's my 'L plate' on the car, so the photo would have been taken in 1965, when I was 21.

Joyce Gardner (née Ward):  November 10, 2010






In 'Recollections 2' (above) Joyce Gardner wondered what might have happened to the distinctive number plate on her Vauxhall Cresta.

Thank you to Ben, Edinburgh, for replying.

Ben wrote:

Number Plate

    The corner of Madeira Street and Prince Regent Street, Leith ©

"The Registration No. 'PAG 5' would appear to be currently residing on a green Jaguar XJ Executive as (presumably) a vanity plate acquisition.

The original car had presumably existed long enough to have the plate transferred off.  Perhaps the original car is still around with an age-related plate of lesser value."

Ben, Edinburgh:  November 16, 2010