Melgund Terrace


 7 Melgund Terrace  -  2006

7 Melgund Terrace, Bellevue Place, Broughton, Edinburgh

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                               Photograph taken March 6, 2006:  1.16pm

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   7 Megland Terrace, Broughton, Edinburgh

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Melgund Terrace

   Megland Terrace and Bellevue Street, Broughton, Edinburgh


Melgund Terrace

This photo was taken from the NE end of Bellevue Place, looking NE towards 7 Melgund Terrace on the corner of Melgund Terrace and Bellevue Street at Broughton

These streets are  just over half a mile to the north of the East End of Princes Street.

This tenement is typical of many that were built on former estates in the late 19th century  and early 20th century, still to be found today, within about a mile of Edinburgh city centre, including:

-  Broughton, to the north

-  Comely Bank to the north-west

-  Bruntsfield and Marchmont to the south


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