New Assembly Close

Entrance to New Assembly Close

The entrance to the close  is on the south side of High Street, between Sk Giles Church and The Tron Kirk.

High Street is part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, leading from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace.

High Street, Edinburgh  -  Entrance to New Assembly Close

  James A Rafferty, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland                                                                                                       Photo taken:  2012


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       High Street, Edinburgh  -  Entrance to New Assembly Close


Edinburgh Royal Mile

New Assembly Close

Entrance to the close from High Street

New Assembly Close leads to the south from High Street, part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.  The close lies between St Giles' Church and the Tron Kirk.

Thank you to James A Rafferty for allowing me to reproduce this photo of the entrance to the close.  James sent it to me in connection with an enquiry in the Recollections section of this site asking:


Children's Shelter

"Does anyone remember the Children's Shelter that used to be located off the Royal Mile, up a close, in a 2-storey mansion, in the 1940s?"

Tommy Hawkes, Canada  Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook,  October 1, 2012

James replied:


Children's Shelter

New Assembly Close

"The Children's Shelter in the High Street that Tommy Hawkes asks about was one of our play areas when we were young.

When when you went through the close, there was a wooden structure to the right which was handy when it rained.  We would have played there in the late-1940s and early-1950s, although i can never recall seeing any children there.

The close is New Assembly Close, although we called it The Shelter Close for obvious reasons, or Wee Windaes Close because of the pub that was there at the time.

The building is now used by the court services as meeting rooms."

James A Rafferty, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  October 10, 2012


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