Nicolson Street

A continuation of South Bridge heading to the south

2-8a Nicolson Street  -  2008

2-8a Nicolson Street, Edinburgh  -   Photograph  taken 2008

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                         Photograph taken May 15, 2008


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    2-8a Nicolson Street, Edinburgh  -   Photograph  taken 2008


2-8a Nicolson Street

This view looks across Nicolson Street to the buildings on the eastern side of the street.

I took this photograph for one of the visitors to the EdinPhoto web site who told me that their g.g.g.grandfather had a business at 6 Nicolson Street

From left to right, the shops and restaurants in this photograph are:

2 (green)

Black Medicine Coffee  on the corner of Infirmary Street

4-6 (red)

Alligator  clothing

8 (silver)

Jordan Valley  whole food

8a (red)

Varsity Music Shop



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