Princes Street


Buses heading west along Princes Street

Buses heading west along Princes Street  -  June 1956

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ally McGurk, from the collected photos taken by  Ally and her father, Thomas M. McGurk


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   Buses heading west along Princes Street  -  June 1956


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   Buses heading west along Princes Street  -  June 1956


Princes Street

This view looks across Princes Street, the section between Frederick Street and Hanover Street.  The ornate architecture of The Life Association of Scotland's offices, unfortunately now demolished, can be seen in the background.

The photograph was taken in June 1956.

Ally McGurk who provided this photo adds:

Trams and Buses

"My dad took this photo when they were taking up the old tram lines.  Most of those buses were pretty new, although some buses ran concurrently with the trams.

Notice the people standing at the bus stop - this must be a temporary stop, as it's in what was normally the middle of the road."

Ally McGurk, May 25, 2007


This photo was taken in June 1956.  I believe that trams continued to run along Princes Street until September 11, 1956.  So the queue in the middle of the road may well have been a tram queue.

Resurfacing Work

The buses appear to be on the 'wrong side' of Princes Street.

The explanation is that resurfacing work began in Princes Street on March 1, 1956, and while this was being carried out a one-way system operated. for all traffic in Princes Street (except trams), the eastbound traffic using George Street and westbound using Princes Street between Charlotte Square and St Andrew Square.  ['Edinburgh's Transport, The Corporation Years':  DLG Hunter]

Thank you to Ally McGurk, daughter of Thomas M McGurk for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  More photos taken by Ally and Thomas can be found on the Flickr web site.


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