Princes Street

Looking East

Princes Street, one of the first streets in Edinburgh's New Town, was built in 1769.

The views below look to the east along Princes Street towards Calton Hill.

This page also includes a few views of East Princes Street Gardens.


West End

Traffic in Princes Street  -  View from on high at the West End  -  Possibly photographed around the 1960s

from around

Castle Street

View to the east along Princes Street, from the north side of the street, close to the junction with Castle Street

from around

Frederick Street

Postcard by Valentine  -  Looking to the east along Princes Street from Frederick Street  -  coloured  -  back of green car


Life Association
Head Office

Valentine Postcard  -  View to the east along Princes Street, from Frederick Street  -  sepia


National Galleries

Scott Monument  -  from Edinburgh Calotype ALbum


Scott Monument

Valentine's Postcard  -  Moonlight Series  -  The East End of Princes Street and the North British Hotel  -  Colour

Edinburgh Wheel and Scott Monument - December 2011



Princes Street  -  1859  -  GW Wilson


Princes Street Lamp Posts in late-1950s  -  Moffat, Photographer and shops 

Lothian Buses

Route 26 bus and other buses in Princes Street  -  November 2005


Map of Princes Street and Princes Street Gardens  -  1860


Other Edinburgh Street Views



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