Princes Street




  Old Postcards

The Old Bandstand

Postcard  -  P W & M Velco series  -  Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens

Floral Clock

Postcards and Photos

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  The Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens

Ross Fountain

The Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens  -  Post Card  -  PPC Philco Series

Scott Monument

 P&WM Vello Series postcards  -  Princes Street Gardens - Spring


A Hartmann Postcard  - PWM Vello Series  -  Princes Street Gardens



  Recent Photos

Adam Black Statue

Adam Black Statue in East  Princes Street Gardens   -  June 2013

2005, 2006, 2011, 2013, 2014

Edinburgh, Christmas 2005  -  The Bungydome, Christmas Carousel

Christmas Crib

Crib in West Princes Street Gardens near the Foot of The Mound

Cow Parade  2006

Edinburgh Cow Parade  -  2006  -  The Scott Monument

Easter Passion Play

The Easter Play in West Princes Street Gardens  -  26 March 2005  -  After the Resurrection - 2


Haloween  -  Two pumpkins placed on the large stone at the SE corner of The Mound Precinct - Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh Old Town and former Bank of Scotland Head Office are in the background

Jungle City  2011

Jungle City Exhibition -  One of the exhibits in West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh  -  September 2011

Remembrance Day

Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  November 2002  -  Remembrance Sunday in East Princes Street Gardens

Ross Bandstand

The Ross Bandstand in West Princes Street Gardens   -  during the 'Scotland v England' Rugby International Match on 22 March 2003  

Ross Fountain

The Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens   -  September 2007

Santa Run  2004-05

Santa Run  -  West Princes Street Gardens  -  Sunday 11 December 2005

Santa Run  2010

Santa Run 2010  -  West Princes Street Gardens

War Memorial

Scottish American War Memorial in East Princes Street Gardens

Sherlock Holmes Play

A scene from Frantic Redhead Productions' play 'Murder in the Gardens' - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2007

Winter Floral Clock

Winter Floral Clock being created in Princes Street Gardens at the foot of The Mound.


Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  August 2002  -  East Princes Street Gardens

Pinhole Photographs

Pinhole photograph of East Princes Street Garden


3.  Earlier Views

Early Photos ist in November in the 1950s  -  Looking across Princes Street Gardens towards Edinburgh Old Town
Engravings Engraving from 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  Princes Street Gardens from the Mound
Stereo Views Stereoscopic View by Walter Greenoak Patterson  -  The National Galleries from Princes Street Gardens


4 Maps

Maps and Aerial Views Aerial Photograph  -  2001  -  Section F


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