Christmas 2011

Princes Street

Santa's Train passes the National Galleries

Looking east along Princes Street towards the Monuments on Calton Hill, Balmoral Hotel and Scott Monument

Santa Train in Princes Street  -  Christmas, 2011

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                              Photograph taken December 5, 2011


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   Santa Train in Princes Street  -  Christmas, 2011


Santa's Train

Princes Street Closed to Traffic

Princes Street between the Scott Monument and the West End was closed to traffic in Autumn 2011 to allow the lines for Edinburgh's new trams to be re-laid.  The first attempt to lay these lines was not successful.

The re-laying of these lines will resume after the Christmas and New Year Holiday, but for the present festive period, Christmas and New Year, Princes Street has been opened again to pedestrians - but not to traffic, apart from Santa's train, seen above.

Santa's Train

Santa's train has been running between Jenners and the West End providing lifts for children (1.50) and adults (2.00).  This is the closest we have seen yet to a tram service in Princes Street in recent years!

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Please click on the thumbnail images below to see a photo taken a few seconds earlier as it passed the National Galleries at the foot of The Mound, and another photo taken the same afternoon, this one of the train at its terminus outside Jenners.

National Galleries

   Santa Train in Princes Street  -  Christmas, 2011


    Santa Train in Princes Street  -  Christmas, 2011


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