51 St Stephen Street


51 St Stephen Street  -  Confectioner  -  Early 1900s

  Confectioners Shop at 51 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.


51 St Stephen Street  -  RM Art  -  2009

  RM Art Shop at 51 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                          Photo taken:  February 2, 2009


51 St Stephen Street

Photo 1

Thank you to Garry McGravie, Australia for sending me the first photograph above photograph of his nana and her adopted father, outside his sweet shop at 51 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge.

Acknowledgement:  Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia:  January 26, 2009.

Photo 2

The second photo above, taken in 2009, is of the same shop, with the same railings beside the steps in front of the shop.


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