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Edinburgh- Glasgow Road


Road Sign on the A8  -  Five and a half miles from Edinburgh

İ   Any reproduction requires  prior permission of Edinburgh City Archives.  Photo from Edinburgh
 Street Lighting Collection SL/90/8.  Photographer and date of photo not known.


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      Lamp Post in Lothian Road, outside the Usher Hall  -  late-1950s İ



Edinburgh-Glasgow Road

This photo comes from the Edinburgh Street Lighting collection of photos held in the Edinburgh City Archive.  There is no information about the photographer or the date of the photo on the back of this photo.

This looks like a rather substantial sign to me.  The design looks suitable for a lighthouse, rather than a road sign.

It is a little difficult to read the legend on this sign (even after enhancement using Photoshop) but I believe it read:

-  LEFT ARM:       A8     Glasgow 36

-  RIGHT ARM:    Edinburgh 5 1/2    A8

I cannot read the legend on the third arm, but the distance from Edinburgh suggests that the sign would have been at or near Maybury Junction and that the third arm would have been pointing to the north towards Barnton.


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