Street Furniture

Gates and Railings

Photograph by Norward Inglis  -  Holyrood Palace Gates

Gutters and Drains

Metal Gutter and Drain at the edge of Calton Hill, the steep street leading up from Leith Street to Regent Road

Letter Boxes

i.e. Pillar Boxes

Lamp Boxes (on posts)

Wall Boxes

Dundas Street, Pillar Box - November 2010

Notices and Street Signs

Eastern Cemetery  -  Notice by the gates of the cemetery prohibiting scattering of ashes and other activities

Pavement and Kerb Signs

'CS3' sign in the pavement at Waterloo Place.  What is the meaning of this sign?

Police Boxes

Police box at Whitehouse Loan, close to the junction with Thirlstane Road and the former St Margaret's Convent  - Photograph taken Octber 2010

Posters and Adverts

Road Signs

Lamp Post in Lothian Road, outside the Usher Hall  -  late-1950s


A flock of pigeons in bronze on the pavement at Elm Row

Street Art and Graffiti

A mural on a gable end at North Junction Street, Leith, depicting Leith's historic connections with the sea

Street Lighting

Photo from Bernard Street Bridge, Leith  -  Water of Leith frozen  -  Christmas Eve 2010

Street Names

Old street names on buildings in Leith  -  Prince Consort Place, Leith

Telephone Kiosks

Deacon Brodie's Tavern in Edinburgh's Royal Mile

Tram Poles and Fittings

Tram Pole in Dryden Street


Around Edinburgh