Street Art



Blackhall Path

Graffiti on the  Bridge taking Blackhall Cycle Path under Telford Road  - July 2006 

Bonnington Road

Calton Road


Central Edinburgh

Graffiti on a wall half way up  News Steps, leading from Market Street to St Giles Street, Edinburgh  -  December 2013

Colinton to Fountainbridge

Beside the Water of Leith and Union Canal

Spylaw Park, Colinton  -  October 2014

Corstorphine Hill Quarry

to be added later


to be added later

Cramond Island

to be added later

Dalmeny Street

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh


   Direct Aid Depot at West Harbour Road, Granton  -  Aid is about to leave for Syria  -  Christmas 2013

Market Street

Street Art and Graffiti, Edinburgh, Market Street  -  from 2014

New Street

Street Art and Graffiti, New Street, Edinburgh  - August 2012 

North Junction Street

A mural on a gable end at North Junction Street, Leith, depicting Leith's historic connections with the sea

Police Boxes

Police Box beneath the Floddon Wall at the corner of Drummond Street and Pleasance


Graffiti on the path beside Potterow, leading down to West College Street  -  February 2007 

Register House
Drawings in chalk on the pavement

Dreawing in Chalk on the pavement outside Register House, Edinburgh  -  Andy Murray by Oscar Ibanet 


Mural on the back of The Armoury, Roseburn Park  -  February 2012 

Scottish National Portrait Gallery
during restoration

to be added later

Shrubhill Bus Works
following closure

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Telfer Subway

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Telford Path

Graffiti on the  Bridge taking Blackhall Cycle Path under Telford Road  - July 2006 


    Grafffiti high on the walls on the west side of Home Street Tollcross - September 2013

Tollcross School

to be added later

Union Canal

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The Artists

In a few cases above, I have been able to discover who the artist is, and discuss my photography of their work.  All have agreed to the images being reproduced here.

But in other cases, I have not been able to identify the artist or discover how to contact them.  Opinions seem to differ as to whether or  not the graffiti can be regarded as being in the public domain.

Some of the work has been identified with initials.  If you can help me to identify the artists for any of the above work, please email me, so that I can contact them to ensure that they are happy for me to reproduce the photographs of the graffiti here, and give them credit for the graffiti if they wish me to.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 12, 2012


Please Contact Me

I've not yet received any response to my message above, or to messages that I have sent to the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art about the work of graffiti artists

If you are a graffiti artist who has done any work in Edinburgh, please email me, so that I can learn more about your work, and perhaps add comments about it to the EdinPhoto web site if you'd like me to do that.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 4, 2013



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