Installing a Lamp Post

Where and When?

Installing a lamp post  -  Where and when?  -  Lamp post rising.

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh City Archives. Street Lighting Collection SL90/8.        Photographer? Date?  Place?


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      Installing a lamp post  -  Where and when?  -  Lamp post rising.


Installing a Lamp Post

When and Where?

Thank you to Edinburgh City Archives for allowing me to reproduce this photo from their Edinburgh Street Lighting Collection.  There is no note on the back of this photo identifying the photographer, or when and where the photo was taken.

Lifting the Lamp Post

Please click on the thumbnail image of the lamp post lying on the ground, about to be lifted:

Installing a lamp post  -  Where and when?  -  Lamp post on the ground.




Steven Oliver

Duns, Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Steven Oliver who wrote:

Early 1930s?

Corstorphine Road?

 Installing a lamp post  -  Where and when?  -  Lamp post rising.

"I think the likely date for this photo of the lamp post being erected would probably be around the early-1930s.  The lamp post in the photo is one of the Mackenzie & Moncur 'Slimline columns.  These were introduced around that time.

I'm, tempted to think that the location is Glasgow Road, somewhere around the Maybury, although the Glasgow tram stopped just short of there."

Comments from Edinburgh Street Lighting Group

"In order to find out more about where and when this photo might have been taken, I've asked other members of the Edinburgh Street Lighting Group' for their comments.

Graham Paterson has replied:

Corstorphine Road?

'I've been mulling over where the location of this slimline Mackenzie being hoisted up might be, and have drawn a blank. I've more or less ruled out the Liberton, Comiston, Colinton, Slateford and Gorgi" corridors. Nowhere there could I place that type of column opposite a high embankment.

The casting details on the neck of this column are different from the norm.  This makes me think it is a very early one, possibly one of the first, hence the reason for having a professional photographer on site.   I think it would have been early-1930s.

I see that  the Corstorphine tram route extension from Drumbrae to North Gyle Farm was started in November 1933 and eventually opening on 1st July 1934. That's the best guess I can give. But it's the distinctive collar on that slimline column to watch for.'

Graeme Paterson, Edinburgh:  February 3, 2011


Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  February 13, 2011


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