Temple Park Crescent

Looking to the west along Temple Park Crescent  -  2006

Looking to the west along Temple Park Crescent

  Peter Stubbs.   Photograph taken:  13 June 2006,  12.13pm

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    Looking to the west along the Union Canal from Yeaman Place


Corner shop at Temple Park Crescent

Corner Shop

Thank you to Sue from Leeds, West Yorkshire for sending me recollections of milk and paper deliveries from this shop around 1960, when it was known as Antons.

Now, the shop in the picture is an Asian Grocer selling fresh halal, with an advert for Kentucky Fried Chicken 'Blazin' Hot Mini-Fillet'  beside the door.


More shops at Temple Park Crescent

Thank you to Ian Simpson, Richmond, Surrey, who wrote:


"Number 4 was an old fashioned dairy run by 2  spinsters called Mcivor (?) who may have originated from the Islands.

Mrs Thompson owned number 6.

I assisted both owners.    There was a guy called Gellatly, one or two years older than me,  who lived in the first stair next to the shops.  How could you forget a name like that?  I used to live at no 39."

 Ian Simpson, Richmond, Surrey, England:  September 24, 2007



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