Nos 15, 17 and 19

Waterloo Place


15, 17 and 19, Waterloo Place

15, 17 and 19 Waterloo Place  -  photographed in 2004

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                               Photograph taken 29 May 2004

Nos 15, 17 and 19

Waterloo Place


I have included the picture above in response to a question in the EdinPhoto GuestBook on 25 May 2004.

The question:  "Johnston's Hotel was at 17 Waterloo Place in 1858.  Does the building still exist?"  (This was asked by somebody who is making a video of the travels of one of their ancestors.


I visited Waterloo Place yesterday [29 May 2004] and took the photograph above.  No 17 is still standing but it is no longer a hotel.  It is the building with the pink "TO LET" sign in the centre of the block.

I don't know how long Johnston's Hotel remained at 17 Waterloo Place.  Existing occupants include the British Association of Social Workers and the Legal Services Ombudsman.

No 17 Waterloo Place was not listed in Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories in 1858, when it was Johnston's Hotel.  The only listing that I can find for it in the directories is for the years 1872 to 1916, when it was described as  Regent Rooms.