West Pilton Street

Empty House destroyed by Fire


West Pilton Street  -  Fire in an empty house

  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                          Photograph taken 25 July 2006at 3.39pm


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   West Pilton Street  -  Fire in an empty house


West Pilton Street

Empty house destroyed by Fire

This fire occurred when the house was empty in July 2006.

Here is how the house looked five months later:

West Pilton Street  -  after the fire in the empty house

By  May 2007, this house had been demolished.



David Blackburn
Also known as Davy, Blackie and Tony

Morvenside, Edinburgh

Thank you to David Blackburn who wrote:


"The downstairs house in this picture used to be occupied by Riordans.  Yes, that's the same family as Derek Riordan, the Hibs player.

Derek (Deek) was brought up in that house along with his sister Wendy, brothers Stevie, Mikey, John and James.  Upstairs was the Bretts and through the wall was the Stirlings and Anthonys."

David Blackburn, also known as Davy, Blackie and Tony, Morvenside, Edinburgh
October 8, 2011



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