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Capital Christmas

December 2003

Edinburgh in December

Edinburgh's Capital Christmas celebrations begin in late-November with the switching on of the Christmas Lights on:

-   27 November:  Princes Street and Christmas tree on The Mound

-   28 November:  St Andrew Square and George Street, which will have new decorations including 8 large Christmas trees in the centre of the street.

During December there will be:

-   'Big Wheel' [beside the Scott Monument in Princes Street].

-   Open-air skating rink for 400 skaters [E Princes Street Gardens, until 4 Jan].

-   German Christmas Market [East Princes Street Gardens].

-   Santa's Reindeer Garden [West Princes Street Gardens - 12to 21 Dec]

-   Santa Comes to Town [Festival Square  -  5.30pm, 7 Dec]

Nativity Scene

A new feature of Capital Christmas in 2003 is to be a life-size nativity scene in East Princes Street Gardens on the site where the Floral Clock can be found in summer.  It is to be unveiled on 30 November.

The scene is to be created by Tim Chalk, who has produced other works around Edinburgh, including a horse sculpture in the Museum of Scotland and a large mural on the gable end of a tenement building near the corner of Great Junction Street and Ferry Road at Leith.

Edinburgh Evening News  -  23 July 2003  -  page 3

Nativity Scene

Update  - December 03

The Nativity scene has been created.  Here it is:

Crib in West Princes Street Gardens near the Foot of The Mound

Floral Clock

The Floral Clock has now been replanted with winter plants, for the first time.  It is normally only planted from June to October each year. 

Web Sites

For further details see the official web sites for

-  Edinburgh:                                   Capital Christmas

-  East Princes Street Gardens:  Winter Wonderland



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