5th Worldwide

Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Members of Edinburgh Photographic Society were recently encouraged to participate in the 5th Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, to be held on 24 April 2005. 

The message below gives more details:

"My name is Justin Quinnell, a pinhole photographer from Bristol and I have been asked to be UK publicist for the 5th Worldwide Pinhole Day, which takes place on the last Sunday in April each year.

Last April 1,512 different pinhole photographers from 43 countries provided images for the website gallery on the Piholeday web site, 152 from the UK. An ideal way to participate would be to organise a camera building session before the 24th and a photo taking session on the Sunday (Pinhole Day).

I hope you find this of interest and will consider adding this to your coming years events.  More information on building cameras as well as the gallery of images from the past two years can be found on on the Piholeday web site.   Thank you for your time"

The web site above includes examples of pinhole photography from Pinhole Day 2003 and Pinhole Day 2004



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