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Congestion Charges



In 2004, Edinburgh Council proposed a scheme involving a congestion charge of 2 for vehicles crossing an outer cordon or inner cordon during specified periods. 

The proceeds from these charges were to be used to finance future transport improvements.  After lengthy discussions and some opposition, it was agreed that the scheme would be put to the vote in February 2005.

Referendum Result  -  "No"

More than 74% of those who voted rejected the council's plan.

The turnout for the  ballot was 61.8%. There were 133,678 votes against and 45,965 in favour.

Councillor Donald Anderson, the Leader of Edinburgh City Council, said: "The idea is now dead and buried for Edinburgh but we are as committed as ever to further improving our city's transport."


What Next?  -  Trams

Edinburgh's Tramlines 1 and 2 are still to go ahead.  These were not dependent on funding from congestion charges. 

However, the planned Tramline 3 from Waverley to Newcraighall via Cameron Toll and the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary does not have the funding to allow it to  be built.


What Next?  -  Railways

The proposed re-opening of the Waverley rail route from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders has received substantial funding from the Scottish Borders, so it is expected that this will be built.




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