Leith Docks

Cruise Liner Terminal

Forth Ports Authority, operators of Leith Docks, have announced plans to create an 80m cruise liner terminal at the entrance to Leith Docks, just outside the docks on the western peninsula.

This would enable the largest liners in the world to dock at Leith.

  It could take up to ten years to build the terminal.

At present around 40 liners a year bring about 40,000 passengers a year to Leith. Forth Ports Authority believe that the new cruise liner terminal could result in a doubling of this figure.

QM2 and other large liners have visited  Edinburgh in recent years, but have had to moor in the Firth of Forth and ferry their passengers ashore.

Edinburgh  Evening News  17 September 2005.  pp.1,11,12


Leith Docks

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