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New HQ

Work has begun on building Edinburgh City Council's new HQ in East Market Street on the site of the former car park immediately to the south-east of Edinburgh Waverley railway station.

Patrick Geddes House?

It has already been agreed that the new HQ will have an interpretative glass panel in its visitor reception area, commemorating the work of Sir Patrick Geddes (b.1854);  and it has now been suggested that the building should be named after him. 

Sir Patrick Geddes:

-  campaigned for new life to be brought back into the slum housing of the Edinburgh Old Town in the 1880s.

-  drew up plans for the Ramsay Garden developments,  constructed in 1892.

-   prepared the masterplan for Edinburgh Zoo at Corstorphine.

[Edinburgh Evening News,  7 March 2005,  p.6]


A new 100,000 sculpture has been chosen to stand on the paved area at the south-facing main entrance to the new HQ in East Market Street, due to open soon (2006?) and house 1,800 employees

The sculpture is be a 2.5 metre high figure of a modern man wearing a plain shirt and trousers, standing on a scaffolding platform 5m high.

The figure, entitled Everyman, is designed by Balkenhov, a German sculptor, now living in France, renowned for his sculptures of citizens of the world.

When this announcement was made in Edinburgh, it was met with both enthusiasm and criticism.

[Edinburgh Evening News,  April 13, 2006: p.3]]


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