Glenogle Baths



After their refurbishment of Dalry, Portobello, Leith Victoria and Marchmont Swimming Baths (all now completed) Edinburgh Council had expected to restore Glenogle Swimming Baths at Saxe-Coburg Place, Stockbridge. 

However, the 2.1m initially set aside by the council for refurbishing the baths was instead used to help pay for the refurbishment of the Usher Hall.  Subsequently, it emerged that refurbishment of the baths would cost over 4m. 

This caused the council to consider alternatives, in particular, selling  adjacent land to help with refurbishment costs or to finance the building of a new baths.

Now, the Council is expected to reconsider the matter after more than 9,500 people have backed a campaign to keep the old baths open.  Campaigners will be handing over their petition to the council at the City Chambers today.

Herald & Post  August 23, 2007:  p.9


Edinburgh Council recently announced plans to spend 35,000 on refurbishment of the gym at Glenogle Baths.  This was an encouraging announcement for those campaigning to save the baths.

Evening News  July 25, 2007:  p.23

Glenogle Baths not to be Sold

Councillors of all parties have now agreed to rule out selling Glenogle Baths.  Fresh plans are to be drawn up for refurbishment of the baths.  However, the estimate cost f refurbishment has now risen to 5.8m.

The council hope to be able to obtain further funding towards the cost of this refurbishment form sportscotland, the agency responsible for developing sport and recreation in Scotland..

Edinburgh Evening News:  August 24, 2007: p.7.

Funding Secured

Edinburgh Council has agreed to allocate 5.3m in their next budget for refurbishment of Glenogle Baths.

Edinburgh Evening News: February 16, 2008: p.3.


The Revamp

Details and images of the forthcoming revamp of Glenogle Baths have been released.  The revamp will include:

-  preserving the Victorian features of the baths.

-  new floor and wall finishes

-  new pool tiling and lighting

-  an overhauled sauna and gym.

The baths are due to close shortly to allow the refurbishment work to go ahead.

Edinburgh Evening News: September 8, 2008: p.4.


Pool Closed

The pool closed for refurbishment on October 19, 2008.  It is expected to re-open in Spring 2010.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  October 2008

Open Again

Thank you to Don MacKenzie, who has been involved with the recent refurbishment of Glenogle Pool, for writing:


"Just noting to you that the Glenogle pool and fitness facilities are now fully refurbished and restored to, we like to think, even better than their former splendour!

We have sought to preserve the authenticity of the fine, late Victorian style / turn-of-the-century structure and features, whilst bringing the facilities up to a modern, leisure club standard of environment, to meet rising customer expectations.


"The pool now also benefits from:

 a refitted, fully equipped exercise/fitness gymnasium

dance studio

new sauna and steam room set

in a newly created relaxation area.

 There is now full accessibility for the disabled, all but impossible before."


"The building now has two concealed, large solar panel arrays to heat the pool water nearly all year round, even producing useful heat on overcast days.

There is also a new, very efficient modern boiler plant and a 'combined heat and power unit', providing further heating and on-site electricity generation, capable of supplying most of the building's electricity, at close to 100% efficiency in fuel use."

Don Mackenzie, Property Services, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh:  July 14, 2010




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