Edinburgh -  George Street

A new statue to

James Clerk Maxwell

October 2008?

A 300,000 bronze statue is to be erected in George Street to James Clerk Maxwell, the Edinburgh-born scientist who pioneered colour photography and made discoveries in electromagnetism, paving the way for radio, television and radar.

The statue will show Maxwell, seated and wearing typical Victorian gentlemen's clothing.  It is will be located on a plinth in the central reservation in George Street at the east end of the street, facing west.

The sculptor is to be Alexander Stoddart.  He has created the statues to:

-   Robert Louis Stevenson (at Corstorphine)

-   David Hume (in the Royal Mile near the top of Bank Street)

-   Adam Smith (soon to be installed in Parliament Square)

An international campaign to raise founds for the statue is being launched by The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) whose headquarters are on the corner of George Street and Hanover Street, close to where the statue is to be situated.  James Clerk Maxwell was a Fellow of the RSE.

 It is hoped that the statue can be unveiled in October 2008.

Edinburgh Evening News:  November 1, 2007:  p.13



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