7 August 2010

Holyrood Park

Edinburgh Evening News announced that there are plans to mark the opening of the Edinburgh Festival season with two events in Holyrood Park.  It is expected that these events will attract 100,000 spectators.  They will be:

-  On Saturday August 7:  Pipefest, with an estimated 6,000 pipers who will march down the Royal Mile and gather in Holyrood Park.  This will be one of seven similar events around the world, creating a continuous 24-hour programme of piping;  others will be held in New York, Ottawa, Hong Kong, Croft's Harbour and  Sydney - and where else?

-  On Sunday August 8:  Festival Cavalcade.  This has traditionally been held in Princes Street but was held in Holyrood Park in 2009, with an attendance of 75,000.

Edinburgh Evening News:  April 21, 2010, p.12


I attended Pipefest in 2010 and took some photos there, but I've not yet found the time to add them to the EdinPhoto web site.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 2, 2011



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