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Edinburgh Airport Station

Plan for 2010

A 650m scheme is planned, to open a new station at Edinburgh Airport in 2010. It is planned that this station will be served by both the Edinburgh-Glasgow line and Edinburgh-Fife line, these lines passing through a new tunnel under the airport.

This proposal is continuing to meet with some opposition, as opinions differ as to whether or not some of this sum might be better invested in extending Edinburgh's proposed tram routes.  The rail proposal has also caused concern that the journey times between Edinburgh and Glasgow will be increased.

Edinburgh Evening News  April 13, 2006:  p.2..

SNP View

The Evening News reported, on November 6, 2006, that  the Scottish National Party had changed its mind and now does not favour an Edinburgh Airport Rail Link, claiming that the cost could rise to 1 billion, which would make it too expensive.

Edinburgh Evening News  November 7, 2006:  p.2.




Study Announced

The Scottish Executive's transport agency has now, in April 2006, ordered a study into possibly electrifying the Edinburgh-Glasgow line at the same time as the airport station is opened.

One option would be to build the airport station on the Edinburgh-Fife line but not on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line, with a rail shuttle service being provided between the airport and Edinburgh.  This, together with electrification of the Edinburgh-Glasgow line might enable the present time between the two cities to be reduced from 50 minutes to 25 minutes.

Electrification of the Edinburgh-Glasgow route was last recommended in 1983 by the former Strathclyde Council, Lothian Council and Scotrail, but the plan was never pursued due to the costs involved.  Costs are now expected to be over 100m.

Edinburgh Evening News  April 13, 2006:  p.2..

Labour and LDP Views

The Evening News reported, on November 6, 2006, that The Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties have "thrashing out plans for major rail improvements between Edinburgh and Glasgow". 

Both parties are expected to make proposals in their Manifestos for the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2007.

The proposals are expected to include:

-   Direct trains from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airport.

-  Electrification of the existing main route through Linlithgow and Falkirk, this service to be re-routed via a new station due to open at Edinburgh Airport in 2011.

-   Express services between Edinburgh and Glasgow, using either the South Livingston, Shotts, Cambuslang route or the new Bathgate, Airdrie route -  but no proposal for a Bullet Train between Edinburgh and Glasgow is expected.

Edinburgh Evening News  November 7, 2006:  p.2.



'Maglev' Trains Proposed


Maximum Speed - 311mph

The company, UK Ultraspeed, has made a presentation to Edinburgh business and political figures, suggesting that within five years the infrastructure could be built to allow 'Maglev' trains to run between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

These trains are propelled by a magnetic field and float above a concrete guideway.  They are already in use in Shanghai, and can reach 500kph (311mph). 

UK Ultraspeed suggest that the project would cost 1.8bn and that the trains would take about 12 minutes to travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport, then about a further 4 minutes to reach Haymarket in Edinburgh.

Political Support

Speaking after the presentation, the Edinburgh city leader, Councillor Ewan Aitken, said he backed the proposal and that the Edinburgh Labour Party would make a campaign for the Maglev project a top priority if re-elected in the May elections.

Business Views

Speaking on behalf of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Graham Bell said he supported the need for a high speed rail link between the two cities and urged for the costs of different options to be investigated urgently.  He added that the 'Maglev' system was incompatible with the existing rail system but 'TGV' proposals, also being proposed, were compatible with it.

Edinburgh Evening News  April 20, 2007, p.6



1bn Investment

Network Rail has announced a proposed spend of 1bn to improve the Edinburgh-Glasgow railway line.


Electrification of the Edinburgh-Glasgow line could be completed by 2016.  This would reduce the journey times between the two cities from about 50 minutes to about 35 minutes for the fastest trains, with trains running every 10 minutes rather than the current 15 minute service.  Stops would include:

-  the recently  completed Edinburgh Park station (currently on the line, but the Edinburgh-Glasgow trains don't yet stop there)

-   a new station at Gogar, due to open in 2011.  This  would provide a direct link with  Edinburgh trams,  running to Edinburgh Airport..

Edinburgh Evening News  August 18, 2009



Edinburgh - Shotts - Glasgow

Faster Service

ScotRail have announced a new service from Edinburgh Waverley via Shotts to Glasgow Central.  The journey time will be 65 minutes, about 40 minutes less than the existing service for trains on this route.  The number of stations that trains will stop at along the line will be reduced from twenty to six.

Edinburgh Evening News  September 22, 2009,  p.10



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