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     Edinburgh Railways  -  Craiglockhart Station  -  1955

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July 2006

1884 - 1962

Services on the South Suburban Railway began in 1884.  They were withdrawn in 1962, but it is estimated that the line could be re-opened to passengers at a cost of 18m.

Edinburgh transport leader, Councillor Burns also supports plans to re-open the line to passengers.  He says:

"We are still committed to developing the South Suburban Railway."

Edinburgh Evening News  July 8, 2006:  p.11

Time for Action?

Liberal Democratic politicians and lobby group TRANSform Scotland are claiming that plans to re-open the South Suburban route have been forgotten, and that they should now been taken forward.

The route starts and ends at Edinburgh Waverley.  Travelling clockwise, it passes through:

-  Piershill

-  Asda

-  Niddrie

-  Craigmillar

-  Cameron Toll,

-  Newington

-  Blackford

-  Morningside

-  Craiglockhart

-  Gorgie

-  Haymarket

Edinburgh Evening News  July 8, 2006:  p.11


August 2006

Political Support

It was reported on August 25, 2006 that an all-party group of politicians is to meet with Tavish Scott, Transport Minister in the Scottish Parliament to ask him to support the opening of the South Suburban Railway. 

A new study is also to be commissioned to explore ways fo funding the project.

Edinburgh Evening News  August 25, 2006:  p.16


February 2007

Funds to Reopen the LIne

E-Rail, a private company formed to fight for the re-opening of the South Suburban railway line has announced that it already has pledges of about 8.6m of the total 18m required to re-open the line.

It is believed that these pledges come from Edinburgh University, Cameron Toll and Fort Kinnaird shopping centres, all land-owners with space that could be developed near the re-opened  line.

 Edinburgh Evening News::  February 19, 2007,  p.21


April 2007

Scottish Rail Action Group Petition to Re-Open the Line

A petition was submitted to the Scottish Parliament on behalf of the Capital Rail Action Group on April 2, 2007, calling for the re-introduction of local passenger services on the Edinburgh South Suburban line.

For further details of this petition see the Capital Rail Action Group web site.  The closing date for signing the petition is September 8, 2007.

Patrick Hutton, Edinburgh:  April 5, 2007


July 2007


Scottish Real Action Group's on-line petition,  set up in April 2007, had a target of attracting  2,000 signatures.  To date it has attracted 600 signatures.

Herald & post:  July 28, 2007,  p.17


March 2008

End of the Line?

It now seems unlikely that the 'South Sub' line will reopen.

A new report by consultants, Halcow, reveals that:

-  it would cost 38m to reopen the line: almost double the amount estimated four years ago.

-   the line would require an annual subsidy of 1.8m.

-  it would be difficult to find spaces at Edinburgh Waverly and Haymarket for 'South Sub' trains.

Edinburgh Park to Newcraighall

The report suggests that the best option might be to open part of the line, but excluding Waverley and Haymarket stations in the centre of Edinburgh.

The route, which would also require a 1.8m subsidy would run from west to east through the southern suburbs of the city,  as below:

-  Edinburgh Park

-  Gorgie

-  Craiglockhart

-  Morningside

-  Blackford

-  Newington

-  Cameron Toll


-  Niddrie

-  Asda

-  Newcraighall


Edinburgh Evening News:  March 27, 2008, p.5.


May 2008

Support for the Line

City leader, Jenny Dawes has given her support to reopening the 'South Sub' line, saying:

"This is not over by any means and I would imagine a good hearing (to supporters) will be given at next week's transport committee.

There is still a very strong commitment, if at all possible, to have the South Sub as part of a modern integrated public transport system in Edinburgh."

Edinburgh Evening News:  May 1, 2008, p.22.



Councillors, yesterday, rejected recommendations in the Halcow Report to rule out the 'South Sub' line on cost and rail capacity grounds.

Instead, Council officials are now to look at the possibility of running  'tram-trains' on the line from Newcraighall to Haymarket, where they would transfer onto the new tram line to Edinburgh Park.

Edinburgh Evening News:  May 7, 2008, p.21.



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