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St Giles' Church


St Giles' Church with its distinctive crown and spire is situated in the High Street, part of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.  It is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh.

The oldest part of the church dates from around 1120.

Many chapels were added to the church, and in the mid-16th century, before the Reformation, the church had about fifty altars.


John Knox was appointed Minister of the Church of St Giles, in 1560, the year that the Reformed Protestant religion was ratified by Law in Scotland.

The church underwent major renovations in the 19th century, most recently 1872-83.



A 7m restoration plan for St Giles' church commenced in 1998 and will take about another two years to complete.  Masonry and windows have been restored. The final stage will cover access and lighting.

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