Giraffe Parade

November 2010

Shops at Stockbridge

Edinburgh Evening News reported, in October 2010, that two local shop owners had come up with the idea of displaying a collection of 5ft tall model giraffes in shops at Stockbridge.

This should draw attention to the many independent shops that can still be found in Stockbridge.  It is expected that over 40 shop owners will each adopt a giraffe.

The giraffes have been purchased in bulk by the event's organizers and sold on to the shop owners at cost -  80 each.  Once they have been individually decorated, they will go on display in the shop windows, from November 11, 2011.

At the end of the event, the giraffes will be sold in an auction to raise money for two charities, Children 1st  and Stockbridge House.

Edinburgh Evening News:  October 14, 2010, p.3


I took some photos of the model giraffes in the Stockbridge shop windows in November 2010.  I hope to add the photos to the EdinPhoto web site one day, but have not had chance to do that yet.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh, May 3, 2010



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