Wauchope Square

The District

Craigmillar lies about 3 miles from the centre of Edinburgh, and about half a mile SE of the old village of Duddingston beside Arthur's Seat.

Old Housing

For many years, Craigmillar and nearby Niddrie have had a reputation for poor housing.  But the situation is changing.  Many of the old houses have been demolished. In some streets, houses are still standing but most of the former residents hae left.

Niddrie Mains Road  -  looking NW

New Housing

Some new homes have already been built in the area,  to the south of Niddrie Mains Road

 Craigmillar Castle Road  -  New houses  -  photographed March 2006

Wauchope Square

Proposals for major 180m development at Craigmillar, extending over fifteen years have been announced by PARC.

PARC is a joint venture company comprising the EDI Group, Edinburgh City Council and Craigmillar Community representatives. (, 'Promoting and Regenerating Craigmillar'

These proposals include

-  3,200 new homes, 400 at Wauchope Square.

-  two new primary schools, St Francis and Niddrie Mains, with a shared campus  -  and two more primary schools later.

-   parks and sports and play areas.

-   a 'revitalised town centre'.

The first stage of this 180m development, 60 houses at Wauchope Square, was approved by Edinburgh Council in March 2006.  Building work is expected to begin in Autumn 2006 with the first houses being occupied in 2007.

The area is to be developed as 'home zones',  an idea implemented in Holland in the 1970s.  There will be open spaces, narrow streets without pavements and priority given to pedestrians over vehicles.  'Home zones' were first introduced in Holland in the 1970s.

Edinburgh Evening News,  March 31, 2006,  p.21



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