Forth Bridge

Photography Competition


The Competition Winners

These were the winning entries in the Forth Bridge Photography Competition,  This competition held in 2013 as part of the consultation exercise leading up to a submission being made to UNESCO in early 2014, seeking the recognition of The Forth Bridge as a World Heritage Site.

 Historic Photos

1st Prize

Billy Steven
Bathgate, West Lothian

Steam Train passing over the Forth Bridge (1948)

Forth Bridge Photography Competition, 2013 - Historical Section - 1st Place Photo amd Camera

 Billy Steven, Bathgate, West Lothian                                                                                                                                                         Photo taken1948



 Contemporary Photos

1st Prize

Grant Ritchie


Forth Bridge at Night  from Dalmeny station platform:

Forth Bridge Photography Forth Bridge Photography Competition, 2013 - Contemporary Photo Section - 1st Place Photo

 Grant Ritchie, Edinburgh                                                                                                                                       Photo taken 27 February 2013



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Forth Bridge Photographic Competition, 2013  -  Historic Photos - 1st Place             Forth Bridge Photographic Competition, 2013  -  Contemporary Photos - 1st Place