Edinburgh Exhibitions  -  2004


Images of Edinburgh

An exhibition is in two parts:


Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, Leith Harbour

From August 2004

The original closing date for the exhibition was 31 August 2004,

but in fact it remained open until around May 2005.


 Old Images of Edinburgh

and other photos  -  1850 to 1950

St Giles Cathedral - Edinburgh Bigh Street  -  Photograph probably by JCH Balmain

  The Yerbury Family, Edinburgh


About 60 photographs from the Yerbury collection covering the period 1850 to 1950 are displayed on the mall on the second floor of Ocean Terminal.  Most are views of Edinburgh, though there are also other Scottish Views and a photograph of the first Scottish XV to play rugby against England.

Many of the photos were taken by E R Yerbury - 1843-1932, the founder of the Yerbury business, or his son, also named E R Yerbury.  Others, including the view of the stagecoach in front St Giles Cathedral above are likely to have been taken by JC H Balmain, whose business was taken over by Yerbury in 1958.

Most photos are featured in the book Yerbury, A Photographic Collection, 1850-1993, but there were several others that I had not seen previously.

Copies of photos in the exhibition are offered for sale in Baxters.


New views of Edinburgh

The Forth Rail Bridge

New Images of Edinburgh  -  by Trevor and Faye Yerbury  -  In exhibition, August 2004  -  The Forth Rail Bridge

  Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Edinburgh    

    Newhaven Lighthouse

  New Images of Edinburgh  -  by Trevor and Faye Yerbury  -  In exhibition, August 2004  -  Newhaven Lighthouse

  Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Edinburgh


Within Baxter's shop on the 1st and 2nd floors of Ocean Terminal, and so not on view for so many hours per day, are some new colour images by Trevor and Faye Yerbury. 

The views are of familiar Edinburgh scenes, but created in an impressionist style, using original Polaroid material.

Limited edition framed prints, small, medium and large, and cards are offered for sale in Baxters.

There exhibition also includes a window display, in Baxters, of Yerbury family photos and memorabilia.