James Clerk Maxwell

175th Anniversary of his Birth


Maxwell's Achievements

James Clerk Maxwell was born at 14 India Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.  At the age of 14, he became the youngest ever member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

Maxwell's Birthplace

   14 India Street, the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell

He became known as the Father of Modern Physics.  He made discoveries in the fields of light and electromagnetism.  These discoveries led to the invention of the TV and other telecom devices.

Colour Photography

A Tartan Ribbon

  James Clerk Maxwell - Red, Green and Blue sliedes of a tartan ribbon, used to demonstrate colour photography

He is perhaps best known for his work in electromagnetism which led to four basic laws, now known as  Maxwell's equations.

He was also an astronomer, making discoveries that led to the development of the radio and infra-red telescopes.

Commemorations - 2006

The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation in Edinburgh is co-ordinating plans to mark the 175th Anniversary of the Maxwell's birth in 2006.

 Commemorations include the following:

-   Perhaps, the Issue of a bank note with Maxwell's portrait on it. This proposal is currently being considered by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

-   Two lectures, to be held at the Royal Museum of Edinbrugh.

-  Possibly, a temporary exhibition, on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

-  Naming of a new science block after Maxwell, at his former school, Edinburgh Academy

A 'son et lumire' of Maxwell's achievements, accompanied by a specially written piece of music.  This will first be performed at Edinburgh Academy, then at other schools around Scotland.

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James Clerk Maxwell  -  Background