Annandale Motors

off Eyre Terrace




Alan Dunnett

Berwick on Tweed, Berwickshire, England

Thank you to Alan Dunnett who wrote:

Annandale Motors

off Eyre Terrace

"After Auto Sales closed down, I got a job with Annandale Motors. Their workshop was a lane off Eyre Terrace, named Eyre Motors.

The Foreman was Tommy King, and the mechanics were:

-  Andrew Bowman

Alec Bain

Joe Yoskofsky

Alec Macintosh

Frank O'Hagan

Frank Whelans.

The apprentices were:

-  Alan Dunnett (me)

Liston Walker (Sonny)

George Grieve

Alec Bain

George Grieve (He emigrated to Australia.)

Here is a photo of some of the workers:

Workers from Annandale (L to R):      Sonny,  Alan Dunnett,  Alec Bain,  George Grieve

4 workers from Annandale Motors, around 1964

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Dunnett,                    Photo taken around 1964   Photographer not known.

Alan Dunnett, Berwick on Tweed, Berwickshire, England:  October 14, 2013

Hi Alan:

Thank you for sending me he photo and comments above.

Is there perhaps a little confusion with the names?

-  Alec Bain's name appears on both lists, Mechanics and Apprentices

-  And, what work was done by Sony (on the left in the photo)?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: November 8, 2013


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