Binns Store

At the West End of Princes Street
opposite Lothian Road




James Greig


Thank you to James Greig who wrote:

Binns, then Frasers

"Fraser's store at the West End of Princes Street used to be named Binns.  It did not always have an entrance on the corner of Princes Street and Hope Street.  It used to be just a window frame.

There was a photo in the Edinburgh Evening News a few months ago that confirmed this."

James Greig, Edinburgh:  January 2, 2014




Peter Stubbs



"Here is a photo that shows the window on the corner of Princes Street and Hope Street in the early-1900s, when the shop was Robert Maule & Son (usually known as Maule's)"

Maule's Department Store - Photograph probably taken by JCH Balmain

  Reproduced by courtesy of the Yerbury family.   Click here for link to web site.



This shop was:

 - Maule's (from around 1902) then

Binns (from 1931) then

Frasers (from 1976). 

Frasers now also own Jenners department store, further along Princes Street, near the Scott Monument.

Binns' Corner

The corner at the West End of Princes Street, seen in the photo above, used to be a popular meeting place for an evening out - as in:   "Meet me under the clock at Binns"

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 7, 2014




Yvonne Cain

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you to Yvonne Cain who wrote:


"I remember when I used  to go to the toys in Binns.  You had to go through the china and glass - why i don't know!  We went up there every couple of weeks and I don't think any children broke anything ."

Yvonne Cain, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:  January 8, 2013




Douglas Roberts

New Town, Edinburgh

Thank you to Douglas who wrote who wrote:


"Here is a photo of a roundabout at Burntisland.  One of the vehicles is a bus advertising 'Shop at Binns - Edinburgh'."

Roundabout at Burntisland - Probably 1950s  -  'Shop at Binns'

Douglas Roberts, New Town, Edinburgh



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