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Claire Graham

Claire Graham wrote:

Ramage & Ferguson Workers

"Here is a photo of Ramage & Ferguson workers.

1927 Photo

    Ramage & Ferguson workers, 1927

My grandfather, William (Bill) Brunton is seated in the front of this photo, second from the right.

Can anybody tell me anything about this picture?"

Claire Graham:  July 18 + 21, 2014

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One of the workers in the front row of this photo is holding a board that reads:

R & F Ltd.


31 Oct 1927

What is 'S.Y. SMITHY'?

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If you have any comments about this photo and would like to send a message to  Clare Graham, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

Peter Stubbs , Edinburgh:  July 24, 2014


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