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Thank you to Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland, for the recollections one of his many jobs in and around Edinburgh.  Here, whilst discussing Polton Farm near Edinburgh, he refers to the use of casual workers:

Polton Farm

   A Lantern slide by A H Baird, Edinburgh  -  Polton Farm, The Cabbage Field

"In the Old days the farmers used to hire extra squads of workers to help with the harvest on the farm, and the Pringle family would be no exception.   During the War it was the P.O.W.'s that got that privilege.  I met a lot of them at the farm.

In the 60's, 70's and 80's  most farmers hired the 'Irish Tattie Hawkin Squads'.  Thats what they were called. and it was from Ireland that Wimpey got most of their Workers as they advertised in the Irish Papers for them. The Wimpey tale I know about as I used to work with Wimpey at an open cast near Cumnock, first as a tyre Fitter and later on as a drill operator on a 42 ton rig, but that's another story.

Matt Rooney, Ayrshire Scotland:  June 4, 2006


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