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David Ross

Granton, Edinburgh

Thank you to David Ross for telling me:

-   about the sinking of John Dinwoodie's boat, 'Medusa' in 1978

-   some of his memories of working for John Dinwoodie (below).

The Owners

"John Dinwoodie Sr owned the Dinwoodie business but, sadly,  he  drowned in the Forth when his boat 'Medusa' sank in 1978.  His son, also named John, took over the business."

Working for John Dinwoodie

"When John Dinwoodie Sr lost his life, his son, John Jr  and I were both Merchant Seamen.  I was AB and John had become 2nd Mate.  He came home to take over his Dad's business.   His uncle Alex also worked for the company.

I had been on a rest after getting married, and joined the business about 7 months after the death of John Sr.  I was a Rigger, Skipper, Driver, Foreman, you name it, I did it. I worked , 7 days a week, for over a year."


"One time, I left my house on Monday morning, telling the wife I would be home for tea.  I got home at 8pm on the Friday. I  had been sent to do a 12-hour job in the dry dock on the Swither ( fisher protection Ship) starting at 7am on the Monday.  John said he would bring another crew down with a Forman.  When he came back, he had a crew but no foreman.  He said he would get someone as soon as he could, but I never got home until the Friday.

I soon got used to being sent on small jobs only to be away for days. I used the 'Inchmickery' boat all the time, as I'd managed to get a coal fire working on it and beds for us and some home comforts."


"I did love the job, especially when I found out I was being taxed on emergency tax level.  With the amount of work I was doing, I never noticed that I was underpaid.

The week that  they worked out my 7-months of tax, I was paid back 1000 tax.  That was a lot in 1975!  Even better, I was asked into the Office the next week and told that I would be paid another 872.58 and was asked to sign, to say that I would make no further claims from the Tax Offices.  After that, my wages shot up."

David Ross, Granton, Edinburgh:  15 November 2015 (3 emails)


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