W & AK Johnson





Irene Day (née Sharrock)

Wigan, Lancashire, England

Irene Day wrote:


"I see that Winnie Lisowski recently asked Agnes Inglis, who worked for  W & AK Johnson from 1943 until 1956, if she recognised the locations in these photos, and if the workers in the photo might be of W&AK Johnston workers."


Irene Day, Wigan, Lancashire, England:  March 31, 2012

Unfortunately, I don't yet know the names of any of the ladies in this photo or the company that they worked for.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 31, 2012

Irene added


"I worked at W & AK Johnsons from 1960 till 1961 in the bookbinding department.  In the short while I was there I made lots of friends and started going to the Palais with girls who worked there.  Tommy Robertson was the foreman at this time.

Names I remember are:

Maureen Christie

Mary Gillespie

Nessie McKay

Peggy McKenzie

Jemima Thompson

I wonder if there is anybody out there who worked at Johnsons around 1960-61."

Irene Day, Wigan, Lancashire, England:  March 31, 2012


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