Lauriston Castle

Between Davidson's Mains and Cramond, Edinburgh




Michael Hassett


Michael Hassett is researching the history of Lauriston Castle.  If you have any information that you'd like to pass on to him, please email me, then I'll give you his email address.  Thank you.

Michael wrote:

Use of Lauriston Castle History

Since 1926

"i am involved with Lauriston Castle, in as much as I am a historical researcher and writer.  At the moment, I'm conducting research into the castle from 1926 to present day.

Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh

We obviously know about the leaving of the castle to the City of Edinburgh Council.   I'm now trying to find out what the castle has been used for since 1926:

-  What was its purpose in the war?

-  What events have taken place there?

-  Are there any old pamphlets or brochures of the events?

I'd be grateful to  anyone who can tell me about this period in the castle's history.  We'd like to sort through any material and information and include it in a historical record of the castle."

Michael Hassett, Edinburgh:
Message and email address posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, August 21, 2012


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