West Bowling Green St

Eileen Wallace, now living in Kirkcaldy, Fife, sent me this photo of Bonnington Bridge, taken by her uncle from a top flat at 55 window at West Bowling Green Street.

Thank you to Eileen for also sending me her memories of the area.

Eileen wrote:


"My paternal grandparents stayed in Bonnington Avenue, just opposite Graham Street, Leith."

My parents were brought up in Leith and I was born there (well, in Edinburgh *) and  have so many happy childhood memories of the area around W. Bowling Green St.

* Leith became part of Edinburgh in 1920.

Back Green Concerts

"I believe that I was at what must have been one of the last 'back-green concerts' in the area, probably in 1952 or 1953.   Such a happy memory!!!!

I would have been about 6 or 7 years old, but I remember people saying: "This'll be the last".  Everybody took a kitchen chair or stool to sit on, but there were benches as well. My granny gave me a 'piece' to take down but sandwiches and sausage rolls were handed round, and I think mashed tatties!!

I remember a man with an accordion and various singers belting out the old favourites.  Of course these were  people from the tenements that had a 'good voice'. There were songs that everybody joined in too. I remember the folk that couldn't come down hanging out of the windows all round the back green enjoying the concert.

The concert I was at was a joint effort between West Bowling Green St and Graham Street.

Eileen Wallace, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:  October 15, 2007



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