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Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri for providing the list of  Leith Snooker Halls.

Frank wrote:

Eldorado Wrestling

"As a kid, I spent many a cold winter's night hovering about the Eldorado hoping to sneak in to the Wrestling or waiting outside for the famous wrestlers of the day, to get an autograph or a poster, Les Kellet, Shirley Crabtree, Le Masque Rouge, The Goul and the wee Dundee contortionist who would curl himself up in a ball in the ring, frustrating his opponents."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven:  October 14, 2008

The Eldorado

    Eldorado Ballroom Fire, Leith

This is the only photo that I have of 'The Eldorado'.

It was taken the night that it caught fire!

Peter Stubbs:  September 2010




Dick Martin

Borders, Scotland

Dick Martin replied:

Eldorado Wrestling

"Frank Ferri's recalls the wrestling in the Eldorado, Mill Lane Leith.

The Dundee contortionist that Frank mentions was called George Kidd. The story was that George was never defeated in Edinburgh, or anywhere else, he claimed.  He usually came on just after the interval and would perform, because it was a performance, for 3 or 4 rounds before dispatching his opponent. It was always said that he had to finish before 9 o'clock so he could catch the last train home to Dundee.

There was said to be an agreement between the promoter and the bar across the road in Great Junction Street, that the last fight of the night would   finish at around 9.40pm, so that the audience had time for a pint before 10 pm closing.

Dick Martin, Borders, Scotland;  October 14, 2008




Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Frank replied:


"The Bars used by wrestlers was Berry's and Cousin's.  These were the nearest to the Eldo,  As kids, we used to hang around there also, waiting for the wrestlers to come out.."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven:  October 15, 2008



R McMillan

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to R McMillan who wrote:


"I worked as a steward at the Eldo in the 1960s.  All the big names in wrestling appeared, including Jackie Pallo, Mick McManus, Andy Robin and World Champion, George Kidd.

The  Eldo was owned by Mr Hugh McGourty and the promoter was Max Crabtree, brother of Big Daddy and Referee, Brian.

One of the funniest nights was when the Black Diamonds fought Jim Breaks and Alan Dennison.  The Diamonds won with their usual tactics, but as they tried to return to the Dressing room, the crowd tried to grab them.  They were chased along the balcony out of the stadium and along Junction Street.

One of the biggest wrestlers was Ian Campbell. He went on to appear in the film, 'The Wicker Man'. "

R McMillan, Leith, Edinburgh:  March 22, 2010



William Dutton

Colinton, Edinburgh

Thank you to Lorraine Bruce for sending me the story of her father's life, written by her father, William Dutton.

Most of William's recollections can be found on this page:   Royston.

The notes below are his memories of watching wrestling in Leith


"While I was still at school, and before my attempts at dancing, my other pastime, when money was about, was watching wrestling, down at the Eldorado at Leith.

This was just near Leith Hospital.  I went every Monday for about five years.  It was a way of letting off steam."

William Dutton, Colinton, Edinburgh.

Message received from Lorraine Bruce, Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland:  September 7, 2010




Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri  who wrote:

Wrestling and Dancing

"The Eldo was behind the State cinema.  Entrances were down the wee lane at side of cinema and in Mill Lane.

The Eldo had two large venues, end to end, the first for wrestling the second for dancing where some of he big bands of the 1950s played:

-  Ted Heath

-  Harry Gold

-  Ken Mackintosh

-  etc.

I remember some of the wrestlers:

Shirley Crabtree

Les Kellet

-  Le Masque Rouge

-  The Goul.


In the 1960s, Stevie Dalton, scrap merchant, turned the Eldo into a skateboard centre.

Eldorado Ballroom Fire, Leith

It went on fire, and that was it gone forever."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven:  September 23, 2010


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