Matheson, McLaren & Co

Wholesale tea and coffee merchants

53 York Place


Question 1

Thank you to George T Smith, British Columbia, who wrote:

Sample Tea Boxes

"I was intrigued to read about Brodies etc.

Edinburgh at Work  -  Brodies  -  Tea and Coffee

Do you have any  knowledge of Matheson,  McLaren & Co?  They were in York Place.

My maternal aunt  worked there and I recollect little silver sample boxes of tea, embossed 'Matheson, McLaren' ."

Model Aeroplanes

"I used to get  bits of tea boxes made from some exotic woods which I used for making model  aeroplanes as every sub-teen did during WWll."

George T Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  April 15, 2008


Question 2

By coincidence, a couple of years after George T Smith asked the question above about Matheson McLaren & Co, I received an email from Nancy M, living in Ohio, USA, enclosing the photograph below.

Nancy wrote:

"Here is a photo of the Matheson, McLaren & Co. Wholesale Tea Merchants.  It includes several McLarens.  I'm thinking it was taken either in Edinburgh or in Canada.  Was it taken in Edinburgh?"

53 York Place  -   Matheson McLaren & Co, wholesale tea merchants

Nancy M, Ohio, USA:  June 26, 2009

Please click on the thumbnail image above to enlarge it.



53 York Place

The photograph above was taken at 53 York Place Edinburgh.

Matheson McLaren were based at 53 York Place from 1903 onwards.  Before that, the company at this address was Matheson Crichton, who were presumably involved in a takeover or merger to create Matheson McLaren.

Matheson McLaren were still at 53 York Place in 1973 (This is the last year for which the Edinbrugh & Leith Trade Directory was published).

I've not been able to check when they left this address, but the company appears to have remained in business until it became insolvent in 2008.            [Edinburgh Gazette:  Sep 16, 2008]

This photo below shows that 53 York Place has now become part of The Osbourne Hotel.  Please click on the thumbnail image to enlarge it.

53 York Place  -   Osbourne Hotel

In 1973, the address of the Osbourne Hotel was 55+57+59 York Place.

Now, in 2009, the hotel's address is 53+55+57+59 York Place


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