Normal Practising

Primary School


Orwell Place, Dalry, Edinburgh


George Ritchie
North Gyle, Edinburgh

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George Ritchie
North Gyle, Edinburgh

-  School Dinners

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George Ritchie

North Gyle, Edinburgh

Thank you to Gordon for sending me his recollections of the school that he attended in Orwell Place, Dalry.

For more of Gordon's recollections of living in Dalry, please click on this link:  Dalry

Normal Practising School


"My school from 1945 until 1952 was in Orwell Place, Dalry, next to Dalry House.  It was staffed with dedicated Gentlewoman teachers.

I remember:

Miss Simmons was the Head

Miss Munro the Deputy Head

- Miss Ferguson was my favourite teacher.  Her top floor south-facing classroom was bright, and she let me be one of the class story tellers."

George Ritchie, North Gyle, Edinburgh:  August 18, 2014 (2 emails) + September 15, 2014




George Ritchie

North Gyle, Edinburgh

Thank you to Gordon Ritchie who wrote:

School Dinners

"I remember the Orwell Place School circa 1950.

The School Dinners were ghastly, particularly the potatos.  They arrived in big aluminum churns and the smell that permeated the whole building, I can only describe as being like boiled rotten cabbage. - ugh!."

School Writing

"About that time, the class were all given a ballpoint pen (Biro), but Miss Smart (always the traditionalist) would not let us use it because she said it would lead to sloppy and bad handwriting.

I liked writing on the slate boards with the slate pencils. Mistakes were easily rubbed out.

Later, we graduated to pen and ink, using the inkwell on the desk."


"Of course, it was just after the end of the Second World War and rationing was in full force I can remember not seeing a banana till I was about seven years old - but there were few overweight children."

George Ritchie, North Gyle, Edinburgh: September 1, 2014




Gary Tennant

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thank you to Gary Tennant who wrote:

School Dinners

"I Lived in Caley Crescent in the 1960s and 1970s.  It was the best childhood you could ever ask for.

I used to arrive early at Normal Primary School to help the Janitor.  He'd give me a free bottle of milk.

I remember:

-  Miss Beltoski.  She would give me the belt every second day for passing wind.

-  Lydia and her huge family.

-  giving Billy' a jigsaw to play with.

-  The Universal Store

-  The Nimosa Cafe

-   R S McColl

-   Quo Vadis' chippy

-  Cafe Maria

-  McCulloch's

-  Bruce's Record Shop

-  47thboys brigade at St Bride's

They were tough times but really happy places!"

Gary Tennant:  3 June 2017



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