Orwell Primary School





Lydia Markham

Thank you to Lydia Markham for sending me her memories of growing up in Dalry, including her memories of attending Orwell Primary School.

Lynda wrote:


"I attended Orwell Primary School.  I remember my mum sending me to school with trousers on.  Girls at that time were not allowed to wear trousers.  I was threatened with being sent home and told them my mum didn't have anything else for me to wear.

At break, my friends agreed to wear their trousers to school next day, arguing they can't send us all home.  They didn't send us all home and not long after girls were allowed to wear trousers, as long as they were dark.  Feminism at an early age!"

Lydia Markham:  February 12, 2012





Vivien Mott

New York, USA

Thank you to Vivien Mott for writing with some of her memories of Orwell School.


"I do hope some more photos of Orwell School will turn up.  It's a pity that it is no longer a school.

When I lived on Caledonian Crescent my parents were very poor.  I had to walk to school in shoes that the holes and were stuffed with newspaper, but I carried a special pair of shoes that I would change into when I got to the school gate. 

I have to say they were happy times at that school.  I learnt a lot."

Vivien Mott: 13 January 2017



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