Peffermill lies to the south of Holyrood Park,
about 2 miles SE of the centre of Edinburgh


Peffermill Schools


Most of the recollections of Peffermill that I have received so far have related to either Peffermill school and its football team

Peffermill School Football Team, 1947-48

or the earlier Peffermill Tin School


Peffermill Pony Trotting

Flora Brown asks:

"Does anyone remember pony trotting at Peffermill?"

Flora Brown, Orkney, January 7, 2009


Flora Brown tells me she originally lived at Peffermill Road and  her partner lived in the Nissan Huts at Duddingston.  Then they moved to the prefabs at Moredun, before leaving Edinburgh and moving to Orkney.

Lochinvar Camp   -   1957     Craigour Avenue  -   prefab housing erected in the 1940s

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Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  January 16, 2009


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