Pitt Street


This was the original name for the northern half of Dundas Street, Edinburgh New Town.  That's the section between Great King Street and Henderson Row, to the south of Canonmills




Allan Dodds

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Thank you to Allan Dodds for responding to a comment on the section of the web site that lists some of the words used in Edinburgh.   On that page, stovies were described as "potatos sliced and fried".

Allan wrote:


"Stovies were never fried.

My Grandmother made the most magnificent stoviesI've never managed to find any anywhere approaching their quality.

She used mutton fat, onions, quartered potatoes and salt and pepper. These were sauteed together in a black iron pan, and when sweated, a small amount of water was added and the pan left to simmer on the range in the back of the sweetie shop at 83 Pitt Street.

The water was topped up every five minutes or so, but the secret of her method was that the potatoes and onions were allowed to 'catch' on the bottom of the pan, effectively caramelising them, and these pan scrapings were then stirred into the potatoes yielding a wonderful contrast between the soft potato and the crisp pan scrapings.

I can taste her stovies yet on my mind's palate and I've tried to replicate her product without success. My Mother's stovies were equally unsuccessfulI always demanded that we go to Nana's for proper stovies, much to my Mother's resentment as she thought that her cooking surpassed that on anyone else.

Such skills, always taken for granted and now lost for all time."

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, November 30, 2009


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Bob Sinclair

Queensland, Australia

Bob Sinclair, who provided the "potatos sliced and fried" definition of stovies for the words page on the EdinPhoto web site replied:

Stovies - Fried

"My mother and others made stovies in a frying pan (and usually added some mince or other meat).

The stovie was often flipped over and the other side lightly fried to seal it. Perhaps Allan's Granny made her stovies in a more traditional manner."

Bob Sinclair, Queensland, Australia:  December 6,2009


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