Post-War Years

The years following World War II




Patricia RAND
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

- Edinburgh Festival

-  Princes Street

-  Bananas



-  Bananas


Newhaven, Edinburgh

-  Toy Gun


Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

-  Hoover Vacuum Demonstration




Patricia Rand (née Tinney)

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Patricia Rand (née Tinney) who wrote:

Edinburgh Festival

"I remember the first year of the Edinburgh Festival.  Late at night, at Lauriston, we could hear the Lone Piper at the Finale, and the cheers to wrap it all up."

Princes Street

"Princes Street was suddenly full of strange beautiful people:

-  Indian ladies in saris and gold

-  men dressed to the hilt in kilts and velvet dress jackets.

Oh boy, the war was definitely over, at last.  People were in great spirits despite the ration books."


"I got to taste my first banana ever, after waiting outside Rankins for what seemed like hours.

Oh yeah, them were the good old days.  No more of that air raid siren, except for a practice now and then, just to keep us on our toes, I think."

Patricia Rand (née Tinney), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book:  October 3, 2009




Margaret Goodchild

Thank you to Margaret Goodchild who replied to Patricia Rand's memories above.

Margaret wrote:


"Hi Patricia.  The biggest memory you brought back for me was queuing at Rankins for bananas.  I remember my Mum telling me to go for them and I was nearly out the door before I remembered to ask what they looked like!

Thanks for those memories.  I left Edinburgh in 1953."

Margaret Godchild,  Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book:  October 3, 2009




Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri who wrote:

Toy Gun

"My father, when working on the Queen Mary, brought this toy gun home from America for brother Ian and me, circa 1946.

Super Nu-Matic toy gun from America, 1946 ©

 With toy shortages in this country at the time, they were quite unique and we were the envy of our pals.

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Leith:  October 19, 2011

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Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Thank you to Danny Callaghan who wrote:

Hoover Vacuum Demonstration

"I remember, probably about 1952-ish, that we had a salesman come and demonstrate the new Hoover Junior 911 Vacuum cleaner.

The demonstration was in our house where we had the usual 3 x 4 carpet square over the lino floor.  I remember the salesman extolling the "beats as it sweeps" message.

He also demonstrated the tools including connecting the hose to the bag outlet so that the tools could blow air under the carpet.  Why anyone would want to do that and create dust, who knows!"


"My Dad was always a sucker for gadgets, as I've mentioned before on this site.  I think that the salesman had come on an appointment, not just knocking on doors.  He may well have been from St Cuthbert’s."


"The Hoover was bought.  I remember it was brown, very stout and mainly made of metal.  A cover on the front was removed which gave access to the drive belt.  This was dislodged in order to attach the tools.  Getting it back on was a challenge!

The Hoover came in a stout cardboard box which stored all the tools and hose. It certainly served my folk until well into the late-1980s.  I am amazed, looking through various web sites, that spares are still available for this model, 60 years later.

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  October 18, 2012


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