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John (Ian) Davie

Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to John (Ian) Davie who lived at Station Road then Wauchope Avenue, Craigmillar and attended Craigmillar Primary School for adding:

Prestonfield Primary School

"Residence in Craigmillar was interspersed for a year or so when we moved to Burdiehouse and I attended Prestonfield Primary School."

I recall playing football for the school team. My mother had to wash the strip each week."

The headmaster was a bald-headed man named Mr. Hendry.  He was always jovial and I remember him telling our class that his favourite word was 'piping' as in piping-hot."

John (Ian) Davie:  Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland:  August 1+9, 2009




Irene Craig (née Bennett)


Thank you to Irene Craig who wrote:

Home at Greendykes

"I lived in 39 Greendykes Terrace from 1952 until 1957when my family moved to Canada.  I have many fond memories of my time as a young girl in Greendykes."

Prestonfield Primary School

"I was enrolled in Prestonfield School and would walk to the bus, to and fro, every day, rain or shine.

 I remember:

-  playing at the little park with a gang of kids: so much fun!

-  the bonfires at Guy Fox Night, and raiding the other people’s bonfires to get more wood!

I still think of the many friends I left behind when my family left for Canada. I was back in Scotland to return my mother’s ashes, and spent a few hours at Prestonfield School having a look around.

Unfortunately did not make it over to Greendykes."

Irene Craig (née Bennett), Canada:  August 4, 2014


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